The analysis of tourism destinations and their certification

After being identified as destinations of interest to the relevant niche markets, which exploit their natural and cultural riches and uniqueness in a productive and responsible manner, each destination under consideration is subjected to a painstaking online reputation analysis that enables the committee working on the recognition to clearly and precisely identify its strengths and weaknesses, strengths and opportunities.

Behind the recognition: the Web2rism technology

Web2rism, the online reputation analysis technology developed by a team of researchers at the University of Lugano with the financial support of the Swiss Confederation, is a complex algorithm whose research is the basis of the recognition itself; a business intelligence software for the tourism industry capable of examining millions of web pages and returning a comprehensive report of the online reputation of the analyzed destinations.

The Web2rism project, coordinated by Professor Lorenzo Cantoni, Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, top expert in eTourism, eLearning and eGovernment and head of the UNESCO Chair at the University of Italian Switzerland, aims to analyze the Internet reputation of thousands of international destinations by examining Internet sites with UGC “User Generated Contents” published by surfers within virtual spaces referable to the so-called web 2.0 (blogs, wikis, social network sites…).
Only those destinations that demonstrate an excellent web reputation at the end of the Web2rism analysis are deemed eligible for nomination for the Swiss Tourism Awards.

Web2rism Certified Destinations

Thanks to its own algorithm, which is extremely complex and jealously guarded in the laboratories of the University of Lugano, Web2rism enables in-depth scientific analysis of how much international surfers value each individual vacation destination.
Specific analyses are periodically conducted on both well-known locations and lesser-known destinations with high tourism potential.The results of these analyses are later expressed through a quality score, the result of a Sentiment Analysis based on the average level of appreciation of the destination on the web.

To assign each destination a quality score, a metric that will then determine whether a destination is worthy of certification Web2rism, the innovative Swiss technology examines millions of web pages including blogs, social networks, tourism portals and sites of different shapes and types, assessing the occurrence of specific keywords relevant to the tourism industry matched to each destination in the form of comments, posts, articles, reviews and travel guides.

The intersection of all the data that Web2rism collects bring the software to develop a report that is summarized in the assignment of a quality score on a percentage basis: any destination that reaches a minimum threshold of 60% is classified as “Web2rism Certified Destination” and thus deemed eligible for nomination for the Swiss Tourism Awards [find out what being a candidate entails].


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