The aim of the event

Promoting High-Level Tourism and Preserving Heritage

The Swiss Tourism Awards were developed thanks to great success of the Swiss International Holiday Exhibition of Lugano. This event, overseen and organized by a highly competent team of tourism experts, has experienced natural growth year after year, showcasing a diverse array of destinations.

The concept of officially selecting and inviting international destinations and cities stems from our commitment to meeting the requests of our visitors, who consistently seek high-quality holidays and new locations with rich artistic and cultural heritage.

The Swiss Tourism Awards Committee meticulously selects destinations and international resorts based on their unique characteristics, extending invitations to them in Lugano with an all-inclusive promotional package aimed at developing their incoming tourism.

The Selection Committee aims to highlight the distinctive features of destinations that are strongly oriented towards tourism. These awards offer recipients the opportunity to showcase their uniqueness to the Swiss tourism market, presenting and promoting themselves within this affluent user base.

Furthermore, the event introduces the vast audience of the Swiss International Holiday Exhibition to renowned destinations, abundant in history, art, culture, and natural beauty.

The Swiss Tourism Awards aim to:

  • Promote and nurture the tourism industry.
  • Showcase destinations with a robust and organized tourism sector or those actively working towards its development.
  • Recognizing and honoring the finest luxury accommodations and their exceptional tourist offerings.
  • Annually highlight different destinations, providing international operators and institutions with opportunities to establish new contacts and international relations, fostering the potential for new business opportunities and tourism growth.
  • Enhance the natural and cultural heritage of specific destinations by presenting their unique traditions and characteristics.
  • Encourage competitiveness and excellence in service standards.
  • Year by year, reinforce the trust of the Swiss public in the international tourism industry.

Swiss Tourism Awards: The Excellence of Tourist Destinations

Explore the Award-Winning Destinations that Charm Travelers' Hearts at the Swiss Tourism Awards


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