Selection criteria


The meticulous selection criteria governing the Swiss Tourism Awards aim to discern and celebrate distinctive excellence across diverse facets of the tourism industry.

The dedicated Selection Committee is deeply committed to a thorough evaluation of eligible destinations, employing precise parameters to ensure a rigorous and fair selection process.

More specifically, the discerning criteria that set the standard for excellence within each of the following categories are as follows:

  • Heritage Destination: Recognizing towns with valuable artistic, architectural, and religious heritage. This includes places with historical significance, capitals of past empires, or sacred sites associated with famous individuals.
  • Winery Destination: Celebrating destinations where food and wine tourism form the foundation of the local economy. Candidates must showcase innovative efforts in promoting the synergy between tourism and wine.
  • Water Towns: Highlighting destinations uniquely defined by their connection to water. This category includes towns built on water or those presenting innovative solutions to harness the richness of this irreplaceable element.
  • Folklore Capital: Embracing destinations with rich cultural and artistic heritage. This extends beyond architectural patrimony to include cultural traditions, artistic expressions rooted in history, and unique elements like dances, habits, folklore, instruments, and literary heritage.
  • Avant-Garde Capital: Recognizing destinations at the forefront of creativity, featuring alternative lifestyles, futuristic architecture, fashion, and design. These towns are dynamic hubs of new ideas and trends.
  • Natural Paradises: Acknowledging destinations with precious natural heritage, encompassing breathtaking landscapes, rare flora, and fauna species.
  • Wellness Paradises: Featuring destinations or facilities committed to the psycho-physical wellness of visitors. These include thermal and wellness centers set in pristine natural environments.
  • Sport Paradises: Recognizing destinations offering sports vacations at both professional and recreational levels. These locations guarantee traditional stays characterized by various physical activities.
  • Destinations to be Discovered: Showcasing destinations with unique and peculiar characteristics, identified by the Committee.
  • Destination Resorts: Highlighting facilities with distinctive features, high professionalism, and quality. These luxury resorts serve as paradises where wellness, excellent services, and stunning locations are paramount.

In each category, the awarded destinations exhibit international appeal, aligning with a tourism-oriented perspective.

Swiss Tourism Awards: The Excellence of Tourist Destinations

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