Dopo un’accurata valutazione, il comitato scientifico degli Swiss Tourism Awards ha quindi selezionato Tahiti e ha assegnato il premio:

Natural Paradise

“A true natural paradise”

Rodrigues Island is a small jewel located in the Indian Ocean, east of the island of Mauritius. Its beauty is characterized by pristine natural landscapes, peaceful atmosphere and a unique cultural heritage.

The white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters around the island are among the main attractions.  The wild nature and the vast biodiversity of the island are evident inland, characterized by green hills, forest-covered valleys and breathtaking views.

From a cultural point of view, Rodrigues has a rich Creole heritage. The Folk Museum in Port Mathurin offers an interesting overview of the history, culture and tradition of the island through exhibitions of local crafts, traditional musical instruments and everyday objects.

Traditional music and dance, such as Sega, are an integral part of the local culture and are performed at various celebrations and festivals.

The gastronomy of Rodrigues includes fresh fish dishes, soups, curries and local specialties such as the “rougaille”, a spicy meat dish rich in flavors

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Tahiti, Polinesia Francese

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