After careful evaluation, the scientific committee of the Swiss Tourism Awards then selected the city of Leskovac And awarded the prize:

“Taste City”

Developing over an area of 1025 km2, the city of Leskovac lies in the center of a ‘wide and fertile valley.
With 144 settlements and more than 160,000 inhabitants living in the area, Leskovac represents an important economic, social, political, cultural and administrative center of southern Serbia. Leskovac is known for a well-developed chemical, woodworking, food, and textile industries but is best known as the city of barbecues and culinary specialties. Leskovac is also an important transit center, providing connections to Southern Europe (Greece), Northern Western Europe through Belgrade, the Adriatic Sea with Priština, and the Black Sea and Eurasian corridor with Sophia. The surroundings of Leskovac are a true gift of nature. Picturesque mountains suitable for hunting, hiking, winter sports, a river rich in fish, Vlasina Lake, Vučjanka Canyon, Sijarinska Spa, archaeological site of Justinian Prima, rich cultural and historical heritage, ancient monasteries from more than 5 centuries ago-all this makes Leskovac one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in southern Serbia. Numerous events in recent years have been organized in Leskovac to attract the attention of many local and foreign tourists. The most famous events held in the city are the Leskovac Carnival and the barbecue week called Roštiljijada.

Barbecue Week are days when Leskovac becomes the grill capital of the world. More than 500,000 visitors over the course of seven days make one feel the atmosphere of the Leskovac grill festival and help foster good impressions of tourists around the world. With the rich program of cultural entertainment and accompanying traditional grill master competitions, visitors have the opportunity to observe the preparation and cooking of the ‘world’s largest hamburger. During more than two decades of its existence, the grill festival has maintained its great tradition and popularity by becoming a unique food and wine festival that gives a pleasant feeling of the traditionally warm welcome and hospitality of southern Serbia to visitors.

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Leskovac, Serbia

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