Fier – Albania

After careful evaluation, the scientific committee of the Swiss Tourism Awards then selected the City of Fier and awarded the prize:

Heritage Destination

“For its unique natural beauty, fascinating historical heritage and rich cultural atmosphere”

Fier is a city located in the region of Central Albania and  it has a rich history and attractions of interest.

The beauty of Fier lies above all in its historical and archaeological heritage. The city is located near the archaeological site of Apollonia, an ancient Greek colony founded in the 6th century B.C. This site offers well-preserved ruins of an ancient settlement, including temples, ancient streets, a theater and an archaeological museum illustrating the history of the area.

In addition to Apollonia, Fier boasts the Rosafa Castle, a fortress that offers panoramic views of the city and surroundings. The castle has been an important strategic point over the centuries, with a fascinating history.

The city of Fier also houses monuments and museums that tell the history and culture of the region, offering visitors the opportunity to better understand Albanian history and its evolution over the centuries.

The city offers visitors the opportunity to explore the ancient history of Albania through its archaeological and historical sites.

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Prefettura di Fier, Albania

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