After careful evaluation, the scientific committee of the Swiss Tourism Awards then selected the town of Berchidda for the category Category Enogastronomy and awarded the prize:

“Extraordinary treasure of nature, history and culinary traditions”

Perched on the first granite spurs of the Limbara Mountains in the historic Logudoro region of north-central Sardinia, Berchidda is a small jewel of 3,300 inhabitants. Its history is marked by peoples and events that have left deep traces from the earliest times, observable even today in the numerous archaeological remains from prehistoric times, such as domus de janas, megalithic defense structures, dolmens and nuraghi. In the Middle Ages Berchidda became an important center of grain production and a strategic border between the Giudicati of Torres and Gallura. The remains of Monte Acuto Castle date from this period.

In recent decades Berchidda has developed a marked cooperative spirit that has led to the creation of important activities in the agro-livestock sector, cheese wine production and traditional sweets. Rich natural heritage: from the top of the heights there is a view of the valley, with its vineyards and rural cottages, Lake Coghinas, and the peaks of Mt. Acuto.

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