After having identified the destinations of interest for the niche target markets, which use their unique natural and cultural resources in a productive and responsible way, each destination examined is subjected to a thorough analysis of the online reputation that enables the Committee to identify clearly and precisely the virtues and flaws, strengths and opportunities of each location.

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Web2rism, the online reputation analysis technology developed by a team of researchers of the University of Lugano together with the economic and financial support of the Swiss Confederation, a business intelligence software for the tourism industry examining millions of web pages and giving a full report of the online reputation of analyzed destinations.

Web2rism project, coordinated by Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni, Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, responsible for UNESCO chair and leading expert in eTourism, eLearning and eGovernment, aims to analyze the reputation on the Internet of thousands of international destinations examining websites with content UGC “User Generated Content” published by web users within virtual spaces due to the so-called web 2.0 (blogs, wikis, social networking sites …).