Leskovac – Serbia

Swiss Tourism Awards 2012
“Città del Gusto”

Encompassing the area of 1025 km2, the City of Leskovac is situated at the centre of ample and fertile Leskovac valley. With 144 settlements and more than 160,000 inhabitants living on the territory of the City, Leskovac represents economic, social, political, cultural and administrative center of Southern Serbia. Leskovac is known for a well developed textile, chemical, wood processing and food industry but it is especially known as the city of barbecue and culinary specialties. Leskovac is also an important transit center, providing connections to Southern Europe (Greece), North-Western Europe via Belgrade, the Adriatic sea via Priština, and the Black sea and the Eurasian corridor via Sophia. The surroundings of Leskovac is a real gift of nature. Picturesque mountains suitable for hunting, hiking, winter sports, river rich in fish, Lake of Vlasina, Vučjanka Canyon, Sijarinska Spa, archeological site Justiniana Prima, rich cultural and historical heritage, ancient monasteries more than 5 centuries old – all this makes Leskovac a very attractive turist destination of the Southern Serbia. Events of the recent years that take place in Leskovac attract attention of many local and foreign tourists. The most famous events taking place in the city are Leskovac Carneval and Barbecue week called Roštiljijada. Barbecue week called Roštiljijada are days when leskovac becomes world grill capital. Over 500.000 visitors during a seven-day event feel the atmosphere of leskovac grill festival, try specialties of the popular leskovac’s train and bear the impressions worldwide. With rich cultural-entertainment programme and accompanying traditional competitions of grill masters, the visitors have opportunity to observe preparation and grilling of the world biggest burger. During more than two decades of its existance the grill festival has kept the tradition and popularity of Leskovac’s grill by becoming the world’s unique gastronomy festival, which gives a pleasant feeling of traditionally warm welcome and hospitability of the south of serbia to the visitors from the country and abroad.

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