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Swiss Tourism Awards 2012
“One of the Seven Wonders of Poland”

Elblag is a city located in the northern part of Poland, in Warmia and Mazury region. It lies on the border of two geographical areas: the delta of the River Vistula and Elbląg Upland, which ploughed by ravines, prevails over the waters of the Vistula Lagoon. The great diversification of Elblag’s landscape provides perfect conditions for different forms of leisure and recreation. Elblag is a dynamically developing city, an industrial, academic and cultural centre as well as an attractive base for tourists. Is makes a great stop on the way to the Mazurian Lakes or seaside destinations along the Vistula Spit. Elblag Ostroda Canal, a unique monument related to the history of technology, which makes use of a remarkable system of slipways. The canal starts in Elblag and travels through Lake Druzno, a protected nature and birds reserve. Elblag offers a range of picturesque walking paths and cycle routes in Bazantarnia forest. Enthusiast of winter sports would enjoy Chrobry Mountain. The landform features, the ski slope of 400 m in straight line, and the altitude of 58 m provide good conditions for skiers and snowboarders who can indulge in winter fun. Elblag has many tourist attractions in the reconstructed Old Town, where you can admire such medieval and gothic buildings as: St. Nicholas Cathedral, the Art Centre – El Gallery or the Market Gate. The Old Town today is a place where people meet, stroll along the old streets, or take part in many events organised for tourists as well as the local people.

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Old City Hall (Ratusz Staromiejski)
ul. Stary Rynek 25
82-300 Elbląg
Tel. +48 55 239 33 77
(open Monday-Friday, from 8am till 4pm)

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