Cangas de Onis – Spagna

Swiss Tourism Awards 2006
“Jewel of tradition and landscape beauty, resort with great inclination to tourism”

Reasons You Should Visit Cangas De Onis, Spain
For the adventurous traveller, a trip to Cangas de Onis, Spain is one that will always be treasured for years to come. This remarkable destination was in 2006 awarded the Swiss Tourism Award under the category “European cities, pearl of art, culture and local traditions”. Cangas de Onis was awarded for its rich tradition and beautiful landscape. As a part of Asturias, located to the northwest of Spain, the virgin lands of Cangas de Onis are breath-taking. Visitors to the area enjoy the scenic nature trails, canoeing and climbing. The surrounding villages will also give travellers the opportunity to experience the culture first-hand from the locals.

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