Braganca – Portogallo

Swiss Tourism Awards 2007
“Una città tutta da scoprire, con forte vocazione turistica”

Located in North-Eastern Portugal at nearly 20 Km from the Spanish border, Bragança is worth visiting for its natural and historical heritage, its local gastronomy and its ancient and timeless traditions. Dating back to pre-historical times, Bragança dates its foundation from the 1st century A.D. The old town is a mixture of different historical periods, forming a monumental site where the citadel clearly stands out with its natural prominence, embracing architectural treasures such as the pentagonal Domus Municipalis, a late medieval and unique example of the civic Romanesque architecture of the Iberian Peninsula; the castle keep, with a striking view from its terrace, built in the 14th and 15th century is some 33m tall and it now houses a military museum.

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Risultato: In the fascinating Braganca it is particularly appreciated the opportunity to make excursions into the nature, perfect chance to enjoy some outdoor relax in the beautiful North-East of Portugal and the strategic position equidistant from the portuguese and spanish coasts.

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Comune di Bragança
Forte S. João de Deus 5301-902 Bragança
Tel. 273 304 200 –
Fax. 273 304 299 –

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