Bogotà  – Colombia

Swiss Tourism Awards 2007
“A melting pot of cultures and priceless treasures”

As a city situated above 8,660 feet sea level, Bogota’s cityscape is breath taking and a must-see for night owls. It has a huge area and ranked as a super city in terms of political, economical and cultural developments according to the World Cities Study Group and Network from UK in 2008. This means that a traveller can expect a world class destination with so many exciting urban attractions to explore. You can find a delightful contrast with a hectic balance between the traditional and the contemporary. Churches shadowed by towering skycrapers are not unusual and treelined bicycle routes are intertwined in will-traffic venues. Another go-to place is the Candelaria district where much of the landmark events happened with the rich history of Bogota.

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