Antigua e Barbuda – Caraibi

Swiss Tourism Awards 2007
“A charm of nature to the rhythm of reggae and calypso”

Antigua and Barbuda is a state in Central America, which won a “Swiss tourism award”, and has a tropical climate that is well suited to sightseeing. Inevitable in the list of things to see is the Nelsons Dockyard, which once was chosen as the headquarters of the Royal Navy and now offers in its various buildings, museums, restaurants and galleries. Impossible not to mention one of the wonders to see the beaches of Deep Bay, where a huge mast of a wreck rises from the water, the Galleon Beach, a place that seems isolated from the rest of the world and where quiet reigns over the extraordinary beauty of the seascape and Half Moon Bay, completely natural and free of artificial constructions.

It is a true paradise, where among other things you can enjoy great food in the small restaurant site at least 100 meters from the beach. Consigliatissima is a visit to the island of Barbuda, with less than two thousand inhabitants and a breathtaking natural scenery, with magnificent beaches and coral reefs that will delight any snorkelers. On this island can only be accessed by a short flight or ferry boat quite slow, but the game can not worth the candle.

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