Ankara – Turchia

Swiss Tourism Awards 2006
“Marvellous university city with thousands facets, resort with great inclination to tourism”

Ankara, in the past also known as “Angora”, is the capital of Turkey, recently received the distinguished recognition for tourism, it is the “Swiss Tourism Award” was defined as a university city with a thousand faces, this motivation. In fact, the city has a really uncommon polymorphism with other Turkish cities, is located on a rocky hill, nestled at the foot of the high Anatolian plan, the landscape is one of the driest in Turkey and this is mainly due to continental climate that causes dry summers and dry, while winters are harsh and snowy.

The economy is based on sheep’s wool, is the famous “mohair” (also known as Angora wool), but mainly on tourism, is in fact an excellent hospitality and supply in this place, the resort are indeed many and all of the highest quality. This land has a lot to say from the historical point of view, this is mainly due to the domination greek-Roman and Byzantine periods, including the most representative monuments have time to Rome and Augustus.

In Ankara, the resorts are not lacking, it is still a college town so young people from other places in Turkey, are included here in order to continue their educational path I, the tourists are fascinated by the various contrasting realities, so close but at the same time, light years away, many microcosms that coexist.

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