Thanks to a very complex algorithm, Web2rism allows in-depth scientific analysis of how web users appreciate each individual destination.

Specific analysis are conducted periodically about a lot of destinations with a high tourism potential: the results of these analysis are then expressed through a quality score, the result of Sentiment Analysis based on the average level of appreciation of the destination on the web.

How Web2rism Works

In order to assign to each destination a Quality Score, the innovative Swiss technology examines millions of web pages including blogs, social network pages, web sites and sites of different types considering the occurrence of specific keywords related to the tourism industry and matched to each destination in the form of comments, posts, articles, reviews, and travel guides.

The intersection of all the data collected through Web2rism brings the software to develop a report that summarizes the assignment of a quality score on a percentage basis: each destination that reaches a minimum of 60% is classified as “Web2rism Certified Destination” and is eligible to participate in the award program during the Swiss International Holiday Exhibition.