The Swiss Tourism Awards

The Swiss Tourism Awards are a prestigious international recognition awarded in Switzerland in order to highlight the excellence in different segments of the tourism industry.

Delivered within the Swiss International Holiday Exhibition of Lugano, the Swiss Tourism Awards reward the destinations which has an excellent reputation, such as holiday destinations, paying a particular attention to localities promoting and developing new forms of sustainable and alternative tourism to the traditional mass tourism patterns. These are selected by our Committee for the attractive potential of their tangibile and intangibile heritage towards the Swiss audience.

In the era of Web 2.0, where the web is used by users to create and exchange content and opinions on a variety of topics, the reputation of a destination is greatly affected by what people write about it on the web: thanks to the use of an innovative technology developed by the University of Lugano and funded by the Swiss Confederation, the Swiss Tourism Awards are delivered only to those destinations that prove to be especially popular among web users from around the world by meeting specific quality criteria related to the tourism industry.

Apply a destination for the Swiss Tourism Awards 2020