The Swiss Tourism Awards

The Swiss Tourism Awards are a prestigious international recognition given in Switzerland for the purpose of highlighting excellence in different segments of the tourism industry.


Presented as part of the Swiss International Holiday Exhibition in Lugano, the Swiss Tourism Awards are given to destinations with an excellent reputation on the Internet as vacation destinations, with a special focus on locations that promote new forms of sustainable and alternative forms of tourism to traditional mass tourism itineraries and themes and that have been selected by our committee for the attractive potential of their tangible and intangible heritage to the discerning Swiss public.


In the era of Web 2.0, where the web is used by users to create and exchange content and opinions on a variety of topics, an entity’s reputation is strongly influenced by what users write about it on the web.Through the use of an innovative technology developed by the University of Lugano and funded by the Swiss Confederation, the Swiss Tourism Awards are presented only to destinations that prove to be particularly popular with surfers around the world and meet specific quality criteria pertaining to the tourism industry.


Il Salone Internazionale delle Vacanze


The Swiss Tourism Awards are presented during the Swiss International Holiday Show, the major tourism event in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, which is included in the circuit of the most important industry fairs.
Tens of thousands of visitors from all over Switzerland and neighboring northern Italy took part in the latest edition of the Salon, which year after year is confirmed as an increasingly strategic event for increasing visibility to an attentive and numerous public and developing qualified institutional relationships aimed at strengthening international contacts and relations between municipalities.





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