Spotlighting Excellence in Tourism On The Swiss Market

The conferment of the Swiss Tourism Awards involves significant efforts from the organization to specifically promote the awarded destinations. To incentivize participation in the Swiss International Holiday Exhibition, the organization provides the following comprehensive promotional package to participating destinations:

  • A prestigious award, the official prize of the Swiss Tourism Awards, featuring the category and personalized recognition.
  • Formal award presentation takes place during the event’s gala dinner, attended by dignitaries, members of the press, and industry professionals.
  • Creation of a dedicated promotional web page on the official Swiss Tourism Awards website.
  • Promotion through press releases in local, Italian, and sector-specific publications.
  • Coverage by major Swiss-Italian television networks during the fair, including live shows and interviews broadcasted during entertainment programs and news segments.
  • Permission to utilize the award’s logo for promotional purposes.

Swiss Tourism Awards: The Excellence of Tourist Destinations

Explore the Award-Winning Destinations that Charm Travelers' Hearts at the Swiss Tourism Awards


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