After careful evaluation, the scientific committee of the Swiss Tourism Awards then selected the city of Riga and awarded the prize:

“Cities of unique inspiration and traditions, destinations with great tourism potential”

Riga “City of Inspiration and Unique Traditions.” Latvia’s capital has won the Swiss Tourism Award, the prestigious prize given to Lugano, thanks to its attachment to popular and folkloric traditions and the great fascination its historic center has for tourists and artists.

With its marvelous buildings of Old Riga, perfectly preserved architecture-mélange between Baltic ones and the commercial style of Hanseatic cities-and intricate narrow streets that hold surprises for the eyes at every corner, the Latvian capital has a unique look. But what characterizes her most is her great attention to all forms of art and culture.

There are numerous museums, just as there is maximum attention paid to artists of all fields; musicians, sculptors, painters find an immense source of inspiration here. But not only modern art, Riga is also the city of folklore and traditions, and an Intercultural Festival is held here every year during which the city comes alive with songs and dances belonging to ancient traditions. Every four years then the national folk festival sees tens of thousands of participants from all corners of the country to keep the customs and traditions of these people alive.”

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Riga, Latvia

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