After careful evaluation, the scientific committee of the Swiss Tourism Awards then selected the town of Perinaldo for the Charming Villages category And awarded the prize:

“Land of sundials and genuine flavors”

The village of Perinaldo arose around the year 1000 under the name Podium Rainaldi, a toponym from the name of its founder Rinaldo of the counts of Ventimiglia who subjected the village to the lordship of Dolceacqua. The territory was later acquired in 1288 by Oberto Doria and remained so under the rule of the Doria family until it was ceded to Charles III of Savoy in 1524. In 1640, the friars of the Order of St. Francis, who had insinuated themselves into the village, replaced the cultivation of the olive olive tree with the current Taggiasca variety that is still in place. From 1973 to April 30, 2011 it was part of the Intemelia Mountain Community, the latter of which was abolished by Regional Law No. 23 of December 29, 2010 and effective May 1, 2011. Among vineyards and olive trees, in a panoramic position, Perinaldo, listed among the Italian Touring Club’s Orange Flags, is a village to be discovered even with eyes turned skyward. The birthplace of great astronomers, including Gian Domenico Cassini, the Sun King’s astronomer, it is home to an astronomical observatory that offers themed meetings and public open evenings.

Along the narrow downtown streets, murals and a scaled solar system make up an interesting outdoor museum. At the end of a walk in the surroundings, don’t miss a taste of the Perinaldo artichoke (Slow Food Presidium).

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18032 Perinaldo IM, Italy

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