Lagos – Portugal

After careful evaluation, the Swiss Tourism Awards Scientific Committee then selected the City of Lagos and awarded the prize:

Destination of Excellence

“For immaculate beaches and its authentic atmosphere”

Lagos is a charming city located in the Algarve, Portugal, renowned for its coastal beauty, breathtaking beaches and rich historical heritage.

The beauty of Lagos is mainly linked to its spectacular coastline. The city is surrounded by magnificent golden sandy beaches, majestic cliffs and crystal-clear waters.

Lagos’ historical heritage dates back centuries. The city has a rich maritime history and was an important port during the era of Portuguese discoveries. The historical centre retains the old city walls, along with narrow cobbled alleys, traditional buildings and centuries-old churches. The Ponta da Bandeira Fortress and the Governors’ Castle are impressive testimonies of the city’s historical past.

The city also offers a vibrant cultural scene, with local markets, traditional handicrafts and a wide range of restaurants offering renowned Portuguese cuisine and fresh fish dishes.

Contact info

8600 Lagos, Portogallo

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