After careful evaluation, the scientific committee of the Swiss Tourism Awards then selected the city of Iglesias for the category Enogastronomy And awarded the prize:

“Medieval town with authentic flavors”

Inhabited since Nuragic times, Iglesias rises at the foot of the Marganai mountain on the southwestern side of Sardinia. In its surroundings the sites of Is Cadonis, Medau Mannu, Punta Sa Pannara, Santa Barbara, the domus de janas of San Benedetto, the tombs of the giants of Genna Solu, Martiadas and the temple of Serra Abis are still visible. It has always been a town known for its mining activities. Today its mines constitute a UNESCO-recognized industrial archaeological heritage. Iglesias is known for its countless churches including the 13th-century Cathedral of St. Clare, the churches of Our Lady of Grace and St. Francis, with its 16th-century convent. Of particular interest are the Mining Art Museum and the Machine Museum, containing large mining machines.

The various mines, including Monteponi, San Giovanni and Masua, can also be visited with a guide. Suggestive is the nature complex of Mt. Marganai. The Assumption is celebrated on August 15, with the procession of I Candelieri. Also in August is the Crossbow Tournament and the characteristic Medieval Pageant.

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