After careful evaluation, the scientific committee of the Swiss Tourism Awards then selected the city of Finale Ligure And awarded the prize:

“The most glamorous destination in western Liguria.”

A climatic and seaside resort of the Riviera of the Palms, internationally known and appreciated since ancient times, Finale Ligure comprises four villages each with its own identity: the three seaside hamlets, the lively Finalmarina, the more rural Finalpia and the splendid district of Varigotti, and inland the ancient Finalborgo, as well as, of course, the colorful hamlets of Gorra, Monticello, Olle, Perti, Calvisio, Verzi and Le Manie. On the coast, the boundaries are given by the cliffs of Capo Noli and Caprazoppa; inland, by the Manie Plateau and the Ponci Valley. Signs and evidence of the glorious past can be found everywhere here: caves and ravines hark back to prehistory, the bridges of the Via Julia Augusta to ancient Rome, not forgetting relics from the Byzantine and medieval eras. Today Finale Ligure is a town full of opportunities for both residents and visitors thanks to the sea with its sandy beaches, the beauty of the hinterland, a cuisine rich in tradition, patron festivals, events, and a lively nightlife.

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17024 Finale Ligure SV, Italy

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