After careful evaluation, the scientific committee of the Swiss Tourism Awards then selected the city of Erice for the category Category Charming Villages and awarded the prize:

“Perched jewel of timeless charm”

Not far from Trapani, on the summit of an isolated mountain, rests, naturally protected, Erice, a jewel city of Sicily. For centuries the beauty of the views and the tranquility of the place have made Erice a favorite place for the studies of scholars and the prayers of the religious. Made up of narrow, winding streets, typically medieval arches, richly decorated courtyards and small stores, the town still retains its old charm. Erice has the shape of a perfect equilateral triangle, crowned on two vertices by the Castle of Venus, to the southeast, and the Chiesa Matrice, to the southwest. In the center, the church of San Domenico is now home to the prestigious “Ettore Majorana” International Center for Scientific Culture, a hub of intense scientific research. The town is also famous for its local pastries, to which nuns have been devoted since ancient times.

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