After careful evaluation, the scientific committee of the Swiss Tourism Awards then selected the town of Cocconato d’Asti and awarded the prize:

“The ancient village of good things”

Located in the northernmost part of Lower Monferrato, Cocconato is surrounded by a lush landscape. Because of its location, it enjoys a particularly favorable microclimate in both the summer and winter months so much so that it is nicknamed “The Riviera of Monferrato.” The origins of the village date back to Roman times, but perhaps there was already an ancient Ligurian settlement, as evidenced in the valley floor by the legendary town of Marcellina. The inhabitants then abandoned the valley to take refuge on the hill, around the castle of the Radicati counts.

The counts created a small autonomous state that enjoyed privileges until the end of the 16th century, even gaining the right to mint coinage. The richness of the medieval period is revived every year in September with the Medieval Fair Reenactment and the Donkey Palio. Monuments of interest include the 17th-century Church of the Holy Trinity, the Town Hall, the 1669 parish church of Santa Maria della Consolazione, and the church of Santa Caterina.

Cocconato has been awarded the Orange Flag by the Touring Club, a tourist-environmental quality mark intended for small inland resorts of excellence. But Cocconato is also renowned for its food and wine. Typical products include robiola di Cocconato and prosciutto crudo and wines such as Barbera.

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