After careful evaluation, the scientific committee of the Swiss Tourism Awards then selected the city of Cangas de Onis awarded the prize:

“Jewel of tradition and landscapes of rare beauty!”

Cangas de Onis was invested with theSwiss TourismAward for the natural beauty of its landscape (called a “jewel”), which is also extremely interesting for its traditions.

It is a town that is part of the autonomous community of Asturias, on the edge of the peaks of the “Picos d’Europa”; in addition to its historical richness, Cangas offers tourists above all breathtaking views: lakes, valleys and waterfalls, all framed by high peaks. The observer is surprised, enraptured, by the beauty of these places, nature blends well with urbanism, pristine territories where man becomes a guest, respecting these wonders, feeling insignificant in the face of a lush and spectacular vision.

A “must” for tourism, the local traditions attract and enrapture those who decide to visit this land, the many Roman-style churches should also be emphasized, but what is most striking is the “Parque Nacional de los Pico d’Europa”-nature rules the day.”

Contact info

33550 Cangas de Onís, Asturias, Spagna

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