After careful evaluation, the scientific committee of the Swiss Tourism Awards then selected the city of Braganca and awarded the prize:

“An undiscovered city with a strong tourist vocation.”

Located in northeastern Portugal almost 20 km from the Spanish border, Bragança is worth a visit for its natural and historical heritage, its local gastronomy, and its timeless and ancient traditions. Dating back to prehistoric times, Bragança dates its founding from the 1st century AD. The historic center is a mixture of different historical periods, forming a monumental complex in which the citadel clearly stands out with its natural importance, embracing architectural treasures such as the pentagonal Domus Municipalis, a late medieval and unique example of Romanesque civil architecture in the Iberian Peninsula; the keep, with a breathtaking view from the terrace, built in the 14th century; and the 15th is a little 33 meters high and now houses a military museum.

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5300 Braganza, Portogallo

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