How to Apply for the Swiss Tourism Awards – Hotels

Each nominated accommodation is evaluated by the Swiss Tourism Awards Committee, which considers the results of the analysis conducted through Web2rism and identifies the strengths of each individual hotel.

Once the main merits of an accommodation have been identified, the Committee proposes its nomination for the Swiss Tourism Awards if it is deemed suitable.

Accommodations that successfully pass the evaluation stage and are considered eligible will be officially invited and will have the opportunity to participate in the 2024 edition by taking advantage of exclusive and subsidized conditions.

Nomination for the Swiss Tourism Awards 2024 is open only to quality hotels with a rating of four stars and above. This requirement ensures that only high-end accommodations can participate in the evaluation and application process.

The nomination, once accepted, includes attendance at the award ceremony and presentation of the hotel as a facility awarded the “Swiss Tourism Award”. This is in front of a large audience of Swiss visitors who attend the Swiss International Holiday Exhibition in Lugano each year.

Applying for the Swiss Tourism Awards offers an extraordinary opportunity to promote your facility and certify the excellence of the services offered. The awards are also a prestigious showcase for gaining greater visibility and solidifying the reputation of your hospitality facility.

What are the benefits of applying for the Swiss Tourism Awards?

  • Receive a very prestigious international tourism award certifying the excellence of the accommodation.
  • Receive a quality certification resulting from an analysis performed with a unique technology developed by the University of Lugano and financially supported by the Swiss Confederation itself
  • Benefit from special nomination acceptance grants specifically allocated by the Swiss Tourism Awards Committee
  • To increase its visibility in a stable and interested market such as Switzerland, benefiting from an exhibition space at very advantageous conditions within the Swiss International Holiday Exhibition
  • Benefit from a web page on the website, which collects all the accommodations awarded over the years
  • Ability to use the Swiss Tourism Awards and Web2rsim Certified logos for promotional purposes

You can apply for the Swiss Tourism Awards by filling out the form below.




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